Gedichte anlässlich der Workshop-Abschlußfeier im August 2009

Poem 6. Klasse

Simama, watu wote
Say yes to the children
Sema ndio kwa watoto

Uplifting and uplifting the children
Creating hope for the children
A hope for the hopeless
And a voice of the voiceless

In the backdrop of hunger
In the atmosphere of despair
You stand out alone

Just one amongst a million
Like a single caravan in the desert
Yes, with burdened camels along
Asante, the only one of its kind

From Northcoast to Southcoast
From Eastcoast to Westcoast
You’re alone somewhere in the South



Poem 4. Klasse “I believe I can fly”

If I were a bird, I could fly
Flying over the hills, I could fly
Chirping over the fields, I could fly
Here I am, dreams do I have
Here I am, ambitions do I have

All who fly
Achieve their dreams
Just like a butterfly
And not like a crocodile
I must fly

Not just flying
But flying with flying colours
Asante is my pair of wings that will help my limbs
So as for the helpless to fly
Education from Asante
Care from Asante
All the support from Asante
Shall enable me to fly

Brothers, sisters and wellwishers
Share the visions
Cooperate with Asante Trust
And the world will be a suitable place
And I shall fly high and higher
The sky shall be the limit

Thank you Mama Christine